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NIVO sidetable collection for CASALA

"When I made the first sketches of NIVO, I thought of how would a sheet of paper behave, when you slowly move it against an adjacent wall: It would bend upwards- and then it would move downwards again because of gravity: And that’s how the idea was born: Creating an iconic (and a little bit ironic) side table out of a simple sheet of metal with adding some extra function at the same time- but without using extra parts or elements: The minimalist wave like structure elegantly develops into a small second level which can be used to place a cup of coffee or decorational items."

"For me NIVO is an inspiring appendix for working- but also private environments because it reacts to architectural or interior design related elements: It works best, when it is standing beside a sofa or in front of a wall- because of the wave-shaped structure it communicates with its neighbor; they develop some symbiotic interaction..."

Michael Hilgers for CASALA


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